Driven by a complex form that produces a performative, curvilinear geometry — producing a supple shape that is able to respond equally to the selected site, the program, and a particular maker culture centered around it.

Organic forms can often generate residual or left over spaces. 

Skateboarding has a very similar mutual ethic, an ethic of seeking of unintentional moment where random things started to be eligible for the skateboarders, reconstructing the idea of form and the shape of the rider. They are unlike the typical pedestrian; they inhabit in a different way. He or she is alive to the possibility of space, not in its totality, as an architect would be. But as a collection of tactile surfaces to be jumped on, grinded, and conquered. 

Conventional Architecture is often a product of extruded  boxes, producing monotonous space. This project introduces a new typology for maker space – a building that creates an iconic identity that contributes urbanistically as part of the surrounding fabric. The building form turns the idea of a conventional atrium upside down, with a volumetric perturbation that brings the dynamics of daylight and air through the heart of the building. The end form  accommodates the hybridized program of skateboard manufacture plus skateboard park in one facility. As such, the building’s space and form synthesizes together both introverted and extroverted spatial conditions. Housing the makers, the riders and the visitors to experience this dynamic interplay.


Mixed-Use (Skateboard center)


2,500 m²




San Francisco, California



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