Last Monument of Paris |

La Defense, Paris

The Proposal seeks to create a contemporary version of monument that stands as a collective architecture.

Pushing the limits of what monumentality could do, La Défense is the location where monumentality challenge the ideal. By tying together distinct private skyscrapers in the city, the project creates a super-monument that transforms the city.

Top-Down relies on the infrastructure at La Défense. Power, structure, and sewerage are taken from the existing towers. In exchange we offer back a generous additional square footage to the existing towers to expand it into. Programmatic exchange is celebrated at the intersection between the monument and existing towers, offering transitional programs from the private offices to the more public collective activities. The legs are flexible and able to deform to the existing fabric of the city, filling up the programmatic needs of La Défense, allowing residential development to occur in this new metropolitan city of Paris.




120 m²




La Défense, Paris



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