Re-Configuration Office |  Jakarta, INA

The modern tech office consists of a range of work patterns and activities, each of which should correspond to an optimal office design setting.

Personnel can experience different work modes including ways of working individually, collaboratively, and educationally. In Re-Configuration, we were challenged to design a compact office space that reconfigures, allowing different activities and usage to take place on a daily basis. 

Starting from the entrance, we peel off surfaces to install LED lights to create a sense of inviting. This interstitial space directs the tenants to an open space where we could fit 18 people at the workstation.  On the same spot, we designed a multifunctional built-in cabinet that could bring flexibility in this dynamic environment. 

Rather than just having a normal pantry, a table hidden under the countertop pulls out to accommodate a lunch space. Modular seating is embedded within this table which could also be used as a presentation space when sliding glass doors are brought to the center. Overhead cabinets allow an attached projector to transform the pantry into a screening room. Functionality is key to the various design strategies, making every piece of furniture as efficient as possible for multiple uses.




80 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia



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