3-in-1 Living  |  Jakarta, INA

Understanding the limitation of a compact space,

The design for the apartment is to accommodate a young married couple comfortably. Their brief was to have an area for yoga, as many storage spaces, kitchen space, dining space, and lounging space in the 16sqm size of its living room. The master bedroom on the other hand, was requested to be simple and clean, providing enough storage and display spaces. The challenge was to provide all amenities necessary with some additional effort of converting the living space to fit everyday needs.

The solution was a single strategy to create a transformable built-in cabinet that can be used with great flexibility and change its appearance during the day and by the uses. A custom dining bench and table fold out of the wall to transform the living space into a dining room. A custom sofa is embedded in the cabinet using Bi-Fold system to save more space. When all the panels are closed, the clutter is hidden inside, the living space allows some extra activities like yoga and home workout to take place.

The nuance is kept minimalist with white surfaces and white carrara countertop marble, magnifying the feeling of space and light. Mirror walls are deployed in the space to create a sense of depth and add dimension to the space. Both the master bedroom and bathroom are connected with a translucent pivot metal door to maximize the daylight penetration. Sliding panels are used to hide unorganized closet in the rooms or allow the veneered wooden rack for displays. Functionality is key to the various design strategies, making every piece of furniture as efficient as possible for multiple uses.




42 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia



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