CO-OFFICE  |  Jakarta, INA

Co-Office is designed to allow a flexible place for collaboration while allowing each expertise to maintain their own privacy at the designated space.

The design consists of a minimalist palette. Charcoal, white and subtle wood elements, features local artworks and custom elements. The warmth of wood, together with the darker shade of wall paint wrap the place and make it feels more cozy.

The common space at the entrance, with a high ceiling and painted neutral for a spacious ambiance. Reception to welcome visitors is substituted with a comfortable sofa. With plants and an elegant painting by local artist. The pantry area on the other side is equipped with a wooden island for tenants to hang out at their break time. 

The micro units on the other hand, line the outermost perimeter. They are set with a drop ceiling, adjusting the height to the highest window frame as a datum to take an advantage of natural daylight with an unobstructed view towards Java sea and urban skyline. For a visual knitting and acoustic privacy, insulated walls along with translucent tempered glass partitions are set. Giving spatial continuity for each one and as a whole.

Photographed by Mario Wibowo




120 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia




Award Winner at International Property Awards 2020-2021

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