Multikom  |  Palembang, INA

Multikom is one of the most competitive distributor of gadgets in Palembang, Indonesia. The structural objective is to house showrooms and private offices.

The programmatic distribution is deployed sectionally. Parking is located in the first floor for easy access. The second and third floor is for the showrooms, where streetscape is extended to the interior by an undulating surface that serves as a connector. This transitions between exterior and interior is treated in a natural and cohesive. Material usage is considered for both the outside and inside as one. Giving leverage for, the private offices on the top floor from the loud noises off the busy street.

The architecture focuses in developing a small scale building that have freedom to expand further and to merge with the neighboring buildings.Instead of building a monolithic 5 stories tower, the new structure is a series of stacked slanted boxes, stepping to the 5th story like a terrace, creating a friendly appearance from the street. 

This typology allows the passage of unobstructed natural daylight to the interior space. The stepping effect results in genuine outdoor spaces, allowing office workers to engage with the urban gardens. As the volume is stepping up, they are sliced both horizontally & vertically and equipped with a translucent glass, resulting in a 3 separated structure appearance  from the outside, but connected internally.


Mixed-Use (Showroom & Office)


1,200 m²


Site Preparation


Palembang, Indonesia



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