NORU  |  Jakarta, INA

In Jakarta, buildings are getting taller and the human population is rapidly increasing.

But there is less development of green space compare to its cityscape. Results in poor air quality which brings unhealthy lifestyle to the citizens. The vision of the project is to introduce a role model that gives a new opportunity for any existing buildings in Jakarta to develop an elevated rooftop garden that brings the natural elements back to the city. The nature that provides an ecosystem to help clean air pollution. And this is exactly what we did for Noru, a rooftop lounge garden .

The design embraces the panoramic skyline by using overlapping- overhead planes. Which act as a shelter from the rain and protecting the over exposure during the day. While the different elevations still allow daylight to bounce into the semi-outdoor space. The topographical platforms compromise the aesthetic appearance of the overhead planes, but also help to define seating typologies. Together with natural stone, wood, plants, and big sized trees over custom planters to complete the elevated garden as a whole.




300 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia




International Interior Design Award 2020 at Architecture Press Release

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