The Ribbon  |  Jakarta, INA

The Ribbon is a renovation project located in Regatta apartment, Jakarta Indonesia, which is known as the clusters of buildings by the sea that manifest sailing yachts.

The challenge is to transform the impersonal and cold space into a cozy ambiance. While accommodating lots of storage for the newly married couple. This ambiance was translated by the  earthy color palette, a use of organic elements to make the space natural with clean lines in furnishings as the final emphasis.

The design features a beauty of oak grain through its pattern and texture. Wrapping a continuous undulated surface from the living room to the kitchen area like a ribbon. This helps better transition movement for each space. As the undulated surface wrapping through, it creates spaces that are cut with white boxes, which provide areas for reading nook and pantry. The lower parts of the ribbon are slightly lifted, the ceilings are partly cut, and both are lit by LEDs. Therefore, they become a field of ambient lighting, forming an atmospheric element throughout the apartment.

Photograped by Ricky Adrian




210 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia



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