Soft Edge  |  Jakarta, INA

Designed to incorporate curvature to all of the 90 degree angle throughout the living space.

The existing elongated layout separates living room and dining room with a long hallway, it makes certain areas feel dark and cramped. Through opening up the kids’ bedrooms and the kitchen area, it maximizes the amount of natural light into the interior space, resolving the problems of insufficient natural light in hallway and narrow workspace in kitchen area. 

Soft Edge is designed for a newlywed couple; their brief is to have an area that is able to cater for different purposes. By demolishing the wall between two kids’ bedrooms, a flexible space is created for work space and gym area. In the future with the expansion in the family, the common space could be a recreational area for their kids in day time with a pocket door to transform the common space into two sleeping areas at night.  

The concept of Soft Edge is introduced to incorporate curvature to all of the 90-degree angle throughout the living space, where a continuous curve connects living space at one end to the dining space at another end. Featuring wooden elements to highlight the continuity of the extended surfaces, creating a warm and welcoming ambience.

Upon entering the master bedroom through the wooden camouflage door, a spacious space is presented without boundaries between bathroom and the bedroom, maximizing the space in master bedroom with a wall of wardrobe behind the bed to provide sufficient storage. With the concealed fold-up make up vanity, the counter space could transform into a study table depending on the needs.




200 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia



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