House with 2 Facades | Jakarta, INA

House with 2 Facades merges contemporary architecture with the vernacular building style of Indonesia.

Architecturally, the process involved an additive sequence generated by the combination of two curves and two apertures at both ends.
The rear of the dwelling by takes the form of a sweeping A-frame roof inspired by traditional ‘rumah adat’ dwellings; while from the street, the residence appears to be a modern box. The result of this combination is a distinct twisted ceiling that blends the wall-ceiling relationship at the living room. The programmatic distribution is inverted, offering an upside-down program where the living area is positioned on the second floor, while the children’s bedrooms are allocated to the lower floors.

In order to optimize the amount of light and establish cross ventilation within these lower rooms, the wall at the hallway have been lowered. In this way, openings are generated, while parts of the volumes are subtracted and a pocket of garden is inserted on the side. The first floor was positioned adjacently, and the second floor has a linear orientation, establishing an indoor-outdoor connection to the garden located at the back of the site.




400 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia