Living by the Water  |  Jakarta, INA

The project is located in Pantai Mutiara, a housing complex known for its breathtaking view of the sea and built with a private dock for direct access to the high seas.

Our proposal seeks to celebrate this opportunity by configuring programs of private and public in relation to the context of views and climatic condition.

The living room can be discovered at the rear side, facing east with genuine morning lights. It features a double height ceiling, connected visually from the mezzanine above. The space is spacious, thanks to the 20 meter span of slanted roof to allow the living area to have such an open space. This space can be completely open to the outdoor condition, extended to the pool and sunken pit area. The dock is right underneath, where the tenants can access directly to their private yacht.

On the other end, there are private bedrooms and a rooftop pavilion. The bedrooms have the access to a shared balcony, protected with bi-fold wooden screens to filter a harsh west-daylight orientation, while also allowing an alternative to have more privacy. Stacked on top, a rooftop pavilion offers a panoramic ocean view with water element that reflects the beauty of the architecture. A place where you could bring your friends and family to enjoy the sunset at a later day.




2000 m²


Under Construction


Jakarta, Indonesia