Canggu Villa  |  Bali, INA

Villa Canggu is a 3 rental lodging unit situated at Jalan Nelayan in Bali, Indonesia. To be built as owner’s passive investment, the project brief urges for a balance of marriage between design and commercial versatility while embraces ‘accessible luxury’ concept. Hence, K –Thengono has designed 3 rental lodging units with each accommodated with private luxurious amenities.

The lodging complex consisted of a studio, a 2-bedroom, and a 3-bedroom with each has access to its own kitchen and pool. In the Ground Floor area, the units are separated by a continuous water body that serves as swimming pools for 2-bedroom unit and 3-bedroom unit. The swimming pools have been programmatically divided by a floating bridge that serves as a circulation passage, encapsulated with screen walls as privacy barriers. The studio unit is stacked on top of the 2-bedroom unit mass, accommodated with its own private stairway entry at the porch of the villa and its own plunge pool at the terrace. The complex has been designed to fit for all possible renter’s scenarios; may it be renting a combination of 2 units, just 1 unit or the whole complex at once.

The villa embodies a Wabi-Sabi concept which embraces the building material’s raw imperfection look from its material manipulation process. Bolstered by owner’s aesthetic keenness towards modern tropical look, we sourced materials that highlight textural element under the tropical scheme. Each volumetric mass is enclosed under a single skin, where the material is differentiated based on the mass’s elevation and use. The windows are wrapped using the same skin creating a closed-off building that accentuates the purity of the geometrical form and the textural element of the façade materials. The aggregate offers a versatile commercial opportunity for target market who wish to lodge lavishly in living lifestyle.




390 m²


Under Construction


Bali, Indonesia