Green Garden Residence  |  Jakarta, INA

A family of four is seeking for re-construction of a dwelling into a modern home that uplifts their lifestyle. 

Resided in a housing complex located at the metropolitan city of Jakarta, Indonesia, the family pursues a design that accustoms to the art of Feng Shui; an ancient Chinese traditional practice that orchestrates a harmony balance between the residents through house arrangement. Thus, the proposed design adheres to selected Feng Shui rules while instills modern living elements. To fulfill the Feng Shui beliefs, the house is separated into two wings; A living area in one, and a service area in the other. The service area comprises of back-end programs such that of laundry room, wet kitchen, and bathrooms, whilst the living area comprises of playroom, bedrooms, dining room and living room. The two wings are connected by floating glass box passages that intersect the void in the middle. Sandwiched by two masses and confined in a rectangular volume, the intersecting void is playfully and fluidly manipulated to create dramatic experience, and to dynamically reflect sunlight.

Adding to void’s element of dramatics, the material used in 2 opposing façade sides of the mass is differentiated. The façade faces at the void are laminated with wooden panels that exudes warmth and welcoming. In contrast, the other façade faces are wrapped in wooden-stamped concrete panels. Window openings are created in an un-uniformly pattern, carefully planned to the needs of each program. The result is a summation of traditional house arrangement infused in modern spatial qualities.




390 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia