Grand Hummer JSI Resort  |  Bogor, INA

JSI Resort, located in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, is a tourist destination for modern Sundanese ethnic lodging. The site, which was once a rice paddy field, is located at the foothill of Pangrango mountain. The aim of the resort is to allow visitors to fully experience the traditional Sundanese living by implementing design and material choices that are inspired by Sundanese vernacular architecture.

The masterplan includes a design planning for 10 units of villas, 1 multi-function area and two bridges that connect the resort with the main road. The chapel, which is shaped in an organic morph of a traditional Sundanese gable roof, is a product of modern translation of a traditional design. The organic shaped roof is oriented towards the Pangrango Mountain to perfectly frame the mountain as the backdrop scenery, enhancing the chapel’s spatial quality. The materials used are locally sourced, composed of glulam as the structure, woven rattan as the ceilings, and andesite stone as the flooring.

Divided by a river, the resort is accessible by two bridges. Both bridges are inspired by local materiality and forms. The main bridge mimics the architecture of the villa where an array of wooden blocks wrapped in metal posts are evenly placed. The other is inspired by a traditional object of woven rice paddy basket made out of bamboo.

The villa is a raised 2-storey house that is sitting on stilts. The raised platform held by stilts is a technique that is often used in Indonesia’s vernacular architecture aiming to minimize construction intervention to land, and to enable the foundation’s adaptability to different site slopes. Using solid wood to provide structural integrity to the villa, the joinery detail of beam intersecting columns is exposed to accentuate the intricacy of the craftsmanship’s work. The interior finishes that use natural materials such that of wood, bamboo, stones, complemented by decorative pieces of Sundanese ethnic objects, complete the whole-fullness of the experience.




10,000 m²


Under Construction


Bogor, Indonesia