Gold Coast Apartment  |  Jakarta, IND

The apartment design started with a brief from the client that they want a comfortable place to live in, that accommodates all their daily routine such as cooking, dining, relaxing in the living room, chilling in the outdoor area, make-up, working, yoga etc.

With this in mind, we begin the design by demolishing unused bedroom walls, to make a more spacious living space, and re-layouting maid area into a bigger kitchen. To be able to fit the client’s essential needs, we created as many storage areas as possible, however also introducing flexibility, where the kitchen island can be pushed back to create more space for yoga, and choosing loose furniture that can be shortened and extended depending on the use. In the master bedroom, the study table area also has multifunction use, as it can be opened and be a makeup vanity when needed. The bed is also created from a platform where all the lower area of the platform can be opened up for more storage when needed.

The design style of the apartment is unique, as the clients are young married couple who have different styles for their dream home. The common area is the wife’s dream home. We use white clean look panels with Statuario Marble that highlights the kitchen and TV area with slatted timber at the ceiling. Giving a sense of warmth, in a clean minimalist look, a perfect canvas to take Instaworthy food photos too. The bedroom area however is a contrasting element where the space transitioned into dark gray panels with black tinted glass wardrobe. We still bring in the same timber tone to connect the two spaces together however, the different color palette creates a different sort of atmosphere. Moving from the living area to the bedroom, it immediately gives a sense of privacy, comfort, and sort of slows down the nerve to chill and relax.




90 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia