White on White House  |  Jakarta, INA

On top of being in a tropical climate where temperature is hot and humid all year long, trees and other methods of shading help tremendously in subduing people’s discomfort towards the weather. 

Thus, the design for Stack House is perpetuated from responding to this environmental factor, while creating a home that befits and improves the owner’s lifestyle.

In order to create shadings and terraces, we first stacked all the required programmatic volumes on top of one another, creating a block of rectangular prism. Additionally, we are pushing and pulling these programmatic volumes within the stack to create pockets of outdoor voids. We simply apply this technique to all the programmatic volumes so that each one of them have their own accessible terraces filled with vegetation.

Pushing and pulling creates a distinct morphology of a modular stacking where each volume becomes prominent and identifiable. The facade uses natural material finishes such white stucco and stone to complement the lushes of vegetation. These summation of design considerations develop a comfortable living quality for the owners.





388 m²


Design Development


Jakarta, Indonesia