Capital Residence  |  Jakarta, IND

The initial brief for this apartment is to design a space where a single bachelor can entertain guests and host dinner parties in a modern masculine setting.

The original space consists of 2 bedrooms and 1 master bedroom with a small living and dining space. The space is refurbished through demolishing part of the existing master bedroom to expand into the living and dining area and the rest of the master bedroom convert to a guest ensuite bedroom, whilst the 2 bedrooms transformed into a master bedroom. This completely shatter the idea where a small space cannot be a generous and comfortable space.

Upon entrance, guests are welcome with an intimate living and dining space with local lava stones wall and tinted Sumatran pine wood panel contrasting with the natural oak ceiling and flooring, which introduce a warmness to the overall dark tones. The rustic metal in the TV cabinet also brings a touch of rawness to the space, which beautifully layered with the lava stones behind.

Stepping into the open kitchen designed with a lower ceiling height, where materials are altered into a monochrome palette consists of different patterns in grey tones. With the natural motif of the granite, it pops out as an art piece for the bar backsplash and the kitchen island. The natural stone selected for the flooring also complement with the overall space given the texture of corals and natural minerals formed into a non-identical pattern in a variety of grey tones.

Pushing through the camouflage door to the master bedroom, a dark ambiance construct for the owner to wind down and relax. The lava stones are brought into the bedroom as a feature wall contrasting with the grey painted wall, rustic metal is used throughout in the custom furniture to enhance the masculinity in the space. The master bathroom and the walk-in closet are tucked away behind the TV wall access through the tinted mirror pocket door on the side to strengthen the privacy and fabricate a clean line in the bedroom.




100 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia