Violin Residence  |  Jakarta, IND

At the beginning of the project, the client gave us a few criteria to create a home for a small growing family. However, what the client continuously emphasized was the desire of creating a child friendly home that could provide a safe and enjoyable environment for his daughters.

The house was originally a typical existing generic condition provided by the developer. We looked out for hidden opportunities at the existing structure and turned into something that haven’t been offered to the clients. The first move was to alter some redundant rooms and extend the possibility of the existing structure into new entertaining programs. The service area down below is shifted to an additional upper floor and was transformed into a sunken living room. This provide a genuine spot for the kids to play while the parents enjoy their everyday activities.

During the day, these young parents are offered a yoga space on what previously was service laundry space on the mezzanine floor. In this area, installed a retractable window system to enjoy a semi-outdoor setting while having to visual a beautiful green wall and to listen to the water fountain at the pool area. The design of the overall space prioritizes clean lines, creating spacious ambiances throughout the interior of the house.




250 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia