Dharmawangsa Residence  |  Jakarta, INA

Located in an elite residential neighbourhood in Pantai Indah Kapuk Area, a vacant hook site of 494 sqm with 3 sides facing the road & pedestrian way.

The site sits beside a public park that is currently under development. Clusters of Lush banana trees can be seen surrounding a pedestrian pathway on the east side, providing separation and plenty of natural shading from the neighbouring building. However, the lack of privacy and desirable views on the North and West sides becomes a challenge for the project.

Considering its low privacy, the ground level, which functions as a service area, is hidden within landscape dunes that acts as a barrier. On top, a lifted plate above the dunes creates a vast open living space, where residents can interact with each other. The architectural language on the residential level is to create multiple visual connections from different parts of the house to encourage interconnectivity of programs. Applying the C-shape typology allows programs to be positioned around a central courtyard, thus providing a private & intimate space, where users could enjoy sounds of trickling pool water and gentle rustling leaves. The single-family residence is then oriented towards the East side to take advantage of the abundant natural light and existing green views. This level acts as an open platform that welcomes the residents and becomes the hearth of the house. Carefully separating functions by levels, the Damar Residence is then topped with an open rooftop area that functions as entertainment space.




494 m²


Preparation for Construction


Jakarta, Indonesia