Joglo Reimagined |  Jakarta, INA

The project explores the gradual oversight of vernacular qualities in modern architecture in an era marked by significant technological advancements and urbanization.

The residential project in Darmawangsa, Jakarta, covering an area of 494 m², seeks to reintroduce a fusion of past and future within living spaces, drawing inspiration from the distinguished Joglo house deeply rooted in Javanese culture. This integration involves blending traditional Joglo house elements with a contemporary elevated cuboid design.

The residence is composed of four scattered vernacular entities, characterized by natural elements such as wood and stone. These entities are interconnected through an accessible streamlined glass atrium that appears to float at the center. Each vernacular entity embodies the distinctive Joglo house form, reflecting the pitched roof design resembling a frustum pyramid volume, historically symbolic of the homeowners’ social and economic status. The traditional construction methods involving layered wooden beams and column structures are meticulously maintained. The roofs, shaped like a frustum pyramid, are fitted with skylights and window openings to welcome natural light into the space and provide access to an inhabitable mezzanine level that connects private spaces to the rooftop garden.

At the heart of the residence lies an elevated atrium, consciously intersecting between the vernacular entities. This intersection creates an accessible link between private living spaces and the public area. The intersecting movement also offers a spatial break within the residential space, allowing for a designated family gathering area such as a living room and dining area. The perimeter of the atrium is adorned with frameless glass windows, offering a complete panoramic view of the surrounding environment. Below the elevated mass, a continuous carpet welcomes guests into a landscape-filled entertainment area. Overall, the delicate fusion of vernacular and contemporary architecture creates a distinctive juxtaposition of memories, further enhancing one’s spatial experience within these living spaces




494 m²


Preparation for Construction


Jakarta, Indonesia