LAGO Showroom |  Jakarta, IND

When LAGO representative approached us at the beginning, we were deeply inspired by the innovative design and the material selection they offer, each piece has its own uniqueness and story. Immediately we knew that the design brief for the showroom was to reflect LAGO’s brand identity to compose a timeless canvas for the furniture to shine and provide flexibility for display alteration.

The site is an intimate space on the top floor of a shop-house, the spatial experience inspired to mimics an open living loft where there are no solid walls within the interior space. The open space consists of programs needed for a typical house to display some carefully curated products from LAGO.

Without the boundaries of solid walls, this brings in an idea to indicates living space with Day and Night. The open space is defined into zones with the contrast shades of grey. Light tones to reflect “Day” scene of a house such as, living room and dining room, where as “Night” scene sets off the ambience to wind down and relax for programs such as, bedroom and study.

Considering the effect to achieve a seamless transition between two zones, similar characteristic of materials is mirrored between wall and floor finishing, where charred wood is introduced in this project because of the identical pattern with board foamed concrete. In addition, the ripple steel on the drop ceiling defined “Night” as an intimate space and the natural character of the steel reflects natural light from the full height window which neutralize the dark materials, therefore the intimate space is brightened up without the feeling of being in a black box. The materials selection throughout the showroom are humble and genuine, overall a simple design playing with depth and texture that compliments with the products.


Retail (Showroom)


133 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia