Light Box in Between  |  Jakarta, INA

Located in a bustling commercial district in South Jakarta, Indonesia, Light Box in Between is a three-floors-high commercial building.

The project urges for a design that seeks great flexibility and openness, where the spaces could host any possible retail scenarios. Thus, we designed a schematic situation for a cafe, an art gallery and a yoga space, basing on the owner’s ideal retail situation. These three commercial spaces are accommodated with a semi-basement level as an extension parking to the ground level.

Aside from building on a strategic location, a captivating storefront is important to draw interests from both commercial renters and general crowd alike. For this purpose, we design a mass that is lifted and clamped between two distinguished concrete service core; The front serves as vertical circulations, and the back accommodates for back-end service programs such that of kitchen and bathrooms. The creation of storefront mass is highlighted by extruding it out, creating a pronounced cantilevered volume that creates surfaces turned into a roofing for the 1st floor, and a terrace for the 3rd floor.

The storefront mass is clad with a double skin system of poly carbonate that sandwiches an illuminating strip of light. The frosting property of the storefront creates a shadowing silhouettes of people or objects inside the volume staging a dynamic and intriguing wayang performance from the street level at night. The semi-transparency on the 2nd floor facade distinguishes its accommodation for an art gallery or other commercial programs alike, where privacy from the public eye is required.

Nested underneath the 2nd floor is a continuous urban carpet that rolls in from the streets to the 1st floor level of the building. Designated as a cafe, the 1st floor is wrapped in a frameless curtain walls to blur the boundary of indoor-outdoor and to create a complete transparency from the streets. The 3rd floor is designed in similar fashion, heightening the focus point to the storefront. All these design factors are purposely made to offer intriguing commercial spaces that may fit to various retail scenarios.




785 m²




Jakarta, Indonesia



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