Bintaro Residence

Bintaro Residence  |  Tangerang, INA

Bintaro Residence design is highly driven by an attention to its natural context and climatic condition.

Located in Sektor 9, Tangerang, Indonesia. Situated at the end of the street block and surrounded by beautiful trees. Our approach seeks to engage on the boundaries of contemporary and vernacular architecture style of Indonesia. 

Inspired by the spatial experience of lumbung padi (Indonesian Rice Barn). Typically built on four poles and stage between 1.5m-2m above ground. The upper area is used for drying and storing harvested rice. While the platform underneath is raised from the ground to serve as meeting place for village residents to have both business and social activities.

The spatial transformation is mixed with natural and modern material. Combining concrete and steel structure to raise the private bedrooms from above the ground. The architectural order is created through the basis of triangular geometry. Punctured with a cone shape extrusion of skylight to restore the unity between house and nature (light and wind) that was lost in the older Rumah Adat’s typology. All ceilings are slanted, allowing an intimacy and a direct sky view from the openings. Nested underneath is the open planned living room. Connected by a central spiral staircase that blurs the connection between indoor/outdoor. With all sides frameless, retractable sliding doors for the perimeter of the garden.




250 m²


Under Construction


Tangerang, Indonesia




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