Ateria Group HQ Office

Ateria Group HQ  |  Jakarta, IND

Following the success of Ateria group, a new design of the Ateria HQ has been proposed situated in the heart of Jakarta, Menteng, closely spotted near the Monas landmark at a heritage building site.

An antithesis of conventional HQ buildings, the new Ateria HQ is driven to preserve its old architecture essences, but instead of juxtaposing a predominant architecture at the back, the design preserved the envelope of the existing building while enhancing the current courtyard typology into a more dynamic setting.

The new HQ design morphology of the fragmented roof and modular arrayed spaces typology derives from the initial set of brief from the client that consists of several unique program specific spaces, which is fulfilled through the idea of creating hierarchy of space.




1170 m²


Design Development


Jakarta, Indonesia