Intertwine Residence

Intertwine Residence  |  Jakarta, INA

Designed to be inhabited by two related families, the Intertwine House is a residential project located in a highly dense residential complex in Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta, Indonesia.

With a site of 17,5 m wide and 64,6 m deep, the design challenge lies in creating a harmonious cohabitation arrangement between the two families’ way of living. Thus, K-Thengono has deliberately positioned programs, surrounded the property with natural elements and use a mix of construction strategies to create an attuned, prodigious and lavished living quality.

The house is centred on the main Living Area which functions as a communal space that could host leisure and social activities between all the members of the house. The double height living space serves as a divider, as well as a connecting passage to the family private clusters located at the second floor. Each family private cluster comprises of 1 main bedroom and 2 kids’ bedrooms that are connected through a foyer to the Family Room. These layers of privacy from the Living Area, the Family Room to the bedrooms are meant to create a gradual disintegration from the crowd to the individual.

The Living Area at the Ground Floor is juxtaposed with other communal programs such as the pool, the common space, and the home theatre. In complying to the Building Covered Ratio (BCR) set out by the developer, an extended communal programs of gym and playroom are built at the back of the garden using temporary structure of steel. In complementary to the chic, modern, tropical interior setting that the owners have envisioned, we used a glue laminated timber structure to highlight the mass of the Living Area that is flanked by two concrete wrapped masses. The difference in materials highlight the morphology of the building.

The surrounding of the mass is filled with voids of green belts and elements of water to improve living qualities. The pockets of void are made accessible through the folding glass-doors within the Living Area thus allowing for a naturally, ventilated space. The openness concept blurs the outdoor indoor environment, hence creating the Living Area as a flexible space. The entirety of the house is designed to provide an unparalleled living quality while keeping the balance between the two families.




1200 m²


Under Construction


Jakarta, Indonesia



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